Juliana Castro



Our integrity, respect in the community, honesty, hard work, accuracy and reliability are the base values and actions that help us grow.

Our clients know and believe they have been represented and had all their rights covered by us presenting a comprehensive package and by having the best strategies to negotiate your loss in a respectful and fair manner.

We believe that sound negotiation skills are paramount in reaching the best outcomes in life. Juliana Castro has participated in formal negotiation and leadership trainings and she keeps updated with the latest negotiation tools available by Harvard Business School and other distinguished sources.

Having worked for Insurance Companies and having handled over 1,500 claims, one of my main goals
when I represent your claim is to restore the value lost of your property when you experience a covered loss.

When I start representing my clients they know I strive to reach the fairest settlement possible by providing a detailed and thorough package that translates their covered loss to their insurance company.

By presenting your case with the utmost integrity and honesty I am able to reach the best settlements in the industry in the least amount of time possible.

Give us a call today and allow us to advocate for your rights and help you reach the fairest settlement for your insurance claim.